Thursday, January 29, 2009

one week, and a day later

I'm so fucking nervous.

I inhale--snhhhhhhh--and I exhale--phfffffff--in the driver's seat.

I hope no one can see me right now.

My hands are suffering from a severe case of influenza. One second, they are freezing, and the next, they are perspiring.

Fuck, I hope no one is looking at me right now.

I check my lip gloss in the semi-darkness, and my heart is palpitating. I know salvation is right around the corner, but Lord, if I don't pass out before then.

And then, I see it. Your car pulls around, hidden only for a second by the "drive thru."

You pull into the spot next to me, as I hoped you would. I fumble with my phone, finding myself incapable of simply placing it in my purse.

I send up my last, quick prayer, and I open my door. You're walking around the backside of my car.

Lord, please don't let me fall.

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