Wednesday, February 25, 2009

9:12 pm

you're so damn reliable, it makes me want to punch you in the throat,
you're just so always there.
i have to fight against myself and the history
of my ill-fated pursuits of "relationships"
(i call them fucking, but i'm just being unfair)
because i'm so used to men not being there,
just leaving when they are good and ready,
of them not calling back
and fucking with me when they wanna,
well, you know.
you're so reliable,
part of me still waits on the other shoe to drop,
still scared that as soon as i finally get comfortable,
it will all end,
though the logic in me knows that's not true,
because to be fair,
those fucking relationships from before
didn't stand the chance i tried to give them.
(like breathing life into a casket.)
it's just such a new thing
to know i can depend on your messages
and your sweet words dipped in logic
and your smile to brighten the darkest night.
you're just so fucking reliable,
and the only thing i know
is that i hope it never changes.

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