Wednesday, February 18, 2009

WTF Version I: Lil' Kim

Okay, so can I say it? Can I?

What the fuck happened to Lil' Kim?

This picture of course is old, from the 90's... I mean, I wasn't nearly old enough or rap-literate during the time when she came out, but she was so pretty. And her natural beauty combined with her brunt lexicon made her GOLD! I mean, I think it's sexy as hell that she could be so pretty and rap so hard... seeing Naturi Naughton (wow, am I the only person who did not realize that this is the chick who was replaced from 3LW?) portray Lil' Kim with that soft, innocent looking face but nasty tongue reminded me of just why I heart people with an edge so much.

I mean, I think this (her transformation) begs the question about standards of beauty in this damn country.

Granted, everyone has the right to free will, and these people are grown, so it's not like someone forced Lil' Kim to do what she did, but... did they?

Just like with Michael Jackson, what in the hell would possess these genetically blessed individuals to take what good looks they have and mutilate them to.... that? To big, misshapen cheekbones, pasty unnatural skin tones, and breasts way too large for the frame they sit on?

I think Violetta Wallace said it best. Homegirl must be trapped. Say it ain't so, fellow Cancer, say it ain't so...

Back to my English-y musings.

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