Friday, March 13, 2009


it'll wash away, she knows.
one day, when the strangers offer their unsolicited commentary
on her smile
and her curve,
she'll giggle again, genuinely, like before.
it'll wash away, like wet paint in a rainstorm,
oozing down the entirety of her,
it'll wash away, she knows.
she'll see his face, one day, and rejoice in the human being
he is,
instead of sighing over the thing that could have been.
she'll allow someone else
to taste
the specialness she reserved solely for her--
the way his eyes glint like diamonds needing no sun rays--
because she'll have no choice
but to accept what life says,
but it'll wash away, she knows.
like mascara to tears, it'll all wash away;
the thing that threatens her heart with every pulse;
the shadow that lingers behind her every step;
it'll all wash away,
she knows;
the frustration will someday go.


that one said...

i'm waiting for it to all wash away. *big sigh* i needed to read this, thanks.

Miss Malorie said...

you're more than welcome. i'm glad it could help someone :)

whatever you're going through, though it won't feel like it's going to help at the time, it helps to just think about some other time when you were really upset, and how now that former hurt doesn't sting like it used to (if at all)... and then think, "that's how this will feel one day."

it's like your body doesn't want to accept that it will all wash away one day, but it will :)

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