Sunday, March 15, 2009

Going the natural route, Part III

Okay, so maybe it's a little too early to be trying to post some hair progress, but I see a change! Don't be confused by the fact that I have on the same robe--these are a week apart! Lol.

The first picture (on the left) is of me last Sunday (03.08.09) after I cut it and then conditioned it and such. It was admittedly a little wild, especially since all my relaxed ends weren't gone. There are still little straight ends lurking in there! Plus, I hadn't done much for the hair in the moisture department.

The second picture is me today (03.15.09) after my shampoo, conditioner, and hour baby food banana/yogurt/growth oil/conditioner/baking soda/clay/honey deep condition. I was really pleased with the results! I could really see more of a curl/coil definition all over my head!

The third picture is last Sunday, after I washed my conditioner out... I think. It might have been before the conditioner. You can definitely see the coils real nicely, and I was very excited, but my problem was that by the next day, my coils had disappeared. I knew they were still on my head, but they were covered by this dry mass of... hair. As I've discovered in my reading, moisture is the key! But, isn't it funny--when relaxed, I ran from water exposure: I wouldn't dare be caught without an umbrella, only because rain + relaxed hair = hell. But, this is what happens to my hair when you put water on it. Much more beautiful than my relaxed tresses, I must say.

The fourth and last picture is me today, after I washed the deep conditioner out. The coils were definitely there, but they looked... different. They were softer, and they were more noticeable all over my head. I feel like since my natural hair has gotten used to life without my poor relaxed hair dragging it down, the natural hair is starting to come into its own; just coiling and curling up all over the place.

Is this what giving birth is like? Watching your child each day, seeing how different they look with each passing day; their progress exciting you to no end?

Okay, so people with children might want to bust me in the eye for that... but still... I'm in love!

Now, to see if this aloe vera juice/honey/Giovanni conditioner/distilled water/castor oil daily spritz + sealing my ends with Castor oil will work for me! I'll let you know :)

I must give the big ups to Bloggers black girl with long hair and CurlyNikki because from their blogs, I have learned absolutely EVERYTHING I'm saying right now about this natural transformation. Trust, I didn't know shit (!) about natural hair prior to my addiction to digging through their blogs!

A little Spring time love from the newly short-haired cutie :) I got the short hair on lock, and I'm loving it! Who would have thought?!

Currently on the CD player: "Anyone Who Had a Heart" by Luther Vandross. Mmmm, oh so classic.

knowing i love you, so
anyone who had a heart
would take me, in her arms and
love me too
you couldn't really have a heart
and hurt me
like you've hurt me
and be so untrue
what am i to do?

I don't know Luther. I just don't know.

Back to pretending like I'm working the nightly grind. Holla!

Adios loves,

(Miss A, I definitely put up the pics tonight just for you! :)


that one said...

love it and love them and am currently hitting up those blogs so I can know the ways! lol

love you much!

Miss Malorie said...

you're quite welcome!!! glad I can be inspirational :)

you will become addicted to the blogs! I'm just letting you know now... lol ;)

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