Sunday, March 15, 2009

"I think I'm in love, again..."

Man, let me tell you, it's fun to be in love with something that ain't goin' nowhere.

Scratch that--it's amazing to be in love with something that ain't goin' nowhere.

That something being my hair texture.

Yes, in case you didn't know, I cut my hair last Sunday. I was so done being scared of what my short hair would look like on top of my head, and I chopped it myself with the scissors I bought myself. And since then, I've been having such a fun time! I wouldn't have believed it (even though I read testimonial after testimonial about how natural woman after natural woman fell in love with their hair as soon as they chopped it).

I will post pictures later (my camera is recharging), but it's been so much fun. From my coworkers staring at me, mouths covered and eyes wide when I walked into work Monday like everything was typical, to the kids I work with threatening to pummel me because I cut my hair off, to men greeting me when I walked into a sports bar Friday with "good evening my ebony princess, how are you?"

Okay, so I'm pretty sure that dude was drunk, but I think you understand.

The attention, while warranted, I don't think I was expecting. But I really appreciate it. As one would expect, I've had some (very very slight) ignorant/misguided/negative commentary, but I'm not sweatin' it. Because even those comments that are ig'nant or negative mean that you took the time to think something about the hair on my head, and then say something to me about it. Glad I could be on ya mind like that!!! ;)
Right now, I'm chillin' at my kitchen table, doin' it old school and listening to my CD player. (Which I haven't listened to in ages!) The music of the moment: "Black Orpheus" by Ondine Darcyl. Perfect, perfect, mellow Malorie music for a Sunday evening. I can just see my future self, writing in front of my laptop in my apartment/house/bungalow/whatever, my pet dog chillin on the floor near me; oils burning and jazz on low....

*sigh* I'm back from the future.

So, today, I studied some more for my teacher certification test (next up: GRE... *ugh*) out at Lake Baldwin. I love the weather... makes me never want to leave Florida! The sun had my skin all prickly (though I got a very good tan yesterday at the beach, and yes I said tan :) and the environment had me daydreaming. Earlier in the day, I spent some glorious time by myself, shopping the aisles of Chamberlin's. I love health food/organic stores. I have really come to enjoy them. Bought a lot of hair goodies, and then tried them out later on. I was very very pleased with the results. I would have never thought a year ago, or even a few months ago that I would be putting honey or clay or yogurt or any actual oils in my hair. That would have spelled D.E.A.T.H. for my light, breezy relaxed tresses.

Oh, how things change :)

Okay, back to my job searching/studying/listening to music/daydreaming/trying to tune out the sound of the tv that has now been turned on by someone that ain't me...*sigh* really, back to daydreaming about the future... and playing with the tiny coils that are popping up all over my head, with each hair experiment...

Adios loves,

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I'll be doing that in couple weeks I think...I'm scared, but excited!


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