Tuesday, March 31, 2009

"in the thunder and rain..."

I'm back from Miami. I'm tired as hell and didn't want to go to work today. Didn't want to do much but lie in the bed, but my bed feels nothing like the bed from my hotel room, so my discomfort forced me awake at about 10 this morning.

I made it to work, the sky threatening me with each half-a-mile. By the time I got into a work groove (meaning watching the kids and entertaining them while working on my own work), the sky had darkened into that "Florida in July" look; you know, the one that you see right before you hear that first, disarming boom of thunder.

By the time I had the kids with their heads down, ready for them to take a nap until the group that always uses that back room came and kicked us out, the skies opened and the threat was actualized, as the rain began. First, it was little drops on the roof, and that turned into the hastiness of a necessary rain shower, and then, hail joined the club.

I left my body when it rained; left it sitting there with the kids, and I felt you. I didn't just think of you, I felt you. I felt you in the way the rain falling aroused my body. I felt myself with you, making love the way we always seemed to do, when it rained and clouds covered the sky, just for us, so we could lie in bed all day and love on each other, conversationally and otherwise.

i don't care if you're my boyfriend,
or not so.
come inside of me
linger, play, exist
like the rain pouring
in torrents
leaving soft sounds
in the atmosphere
until the rain slaps the roof,
turned into hail--
the sounds of nature are attune
to my desire.
i don't care if you're my husband
homie lover best friend
come inside me
and stay for awhile
until gray skies turn black
and soft sounds dissipate
leaving only
the look of our whispers
and the sound of your sweat
drying between my breasts.

"doesn't matter" 03/31/09 3:25 pm

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