Tuesday, March 31, 2009

"it's that old, four-letter word..."

i've never felt this kind of love before.
you'd hate me for calling it love,
but, what else can i call it?
when i value every single solitary word
that you've ever said
even though sometimes you make me think about things
that i would have never had the courage to think of on my own.
i can't wait to tell you
every little thing
that happens to me,
from the person I cut off on I-4 this morning
to the way that one of the kids cried when I yelled at them
to the way my hair looks now that it's growing.
i want you to share with me
all the darkness
you reserve for your own analysis
the things that make you human,
the things that make you not-so-nice
but oh-so-sexy.
i'd give part of me
just to be able to sit on your bean bag every day
and watch you jump around to that one techno song
with no name
and i think it's so cute when you cook for me
and how we can never sleep for long
before we end up wrapped in each others' arms.
i guess i can't tell you
because i know you'll cringe at the word
and its place in our time
but if you look rightly in my eyes...

it's there.

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