Friday, March 20, 2009

relationships & Google

Since this blog is made by Google, I figured I'd post a link to my newest article, since my newest article is about Google, lol.

"Can Google make an "Undo Send" button for relationships?"

Who knows, maybe they'll see my article and make me famous!! Lol. Oh, the shameless self-promotion of a Friday night ;)

Okay, time to go do some more hair experimenting/face masking before bed.

Oh yes, Happy Spring for real this time! Today is the first day of Spring... and it was snowing in New York this morning. You know, with each passing day, leaving the state just seems like such a sad idea... lol. If not for the pursuit of higher education! One day it will pay off... when I'm back in Florida, riding in my white Beemer with white leather...

Okay, enough. Really. lol.

Adios loves,

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