Tuesday, March 17, 2009

"you're one of a kind, you know that?"

i talked to you so long,
even the moon couldn't hide from view any longer;
all at once, it seemed, it appeared,
leaving those little cream colored lines on my wall.
i prayed before my short sleep,
that i wouldn't miss the sound
of your phone call
and the chance to learn more of you.
the words were on the tip of my tongue,
but i refused their relinquishing to the air
between our phones--
i thanked God for you.
i let the thought swim around my head
and slip through my veins to my heart
where it pulsated and grew,
and it is my sublime, sweet, silent wish
that even when you've found your place
in the world--
senator, presidential candidate, representative for justice,
world traveler, do-gooder for mankind--
that you can still find the time
to lie in the darkness,
approximate miles apart unknown,
and let me learn more of you.

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