Friday, April 24, 2009

Bravo, crazy kids, bravo...

So, there are lots of great things that happened to me during my four years at the, now, infamous Cypress Creek High School.

--I was still a virgin, thereby avoiding the clap,

--I wasn't one of the girls wearing too-tight jeans and size XS shirts to show off a preggo-belly,

--I didn't smoke and couldn't distinguish the scent of marijuana from car exhaust, thereby, avoiding the temptation to join the other kids and light up in Driver's Ed,

--oh yeah, I graduated with my Honors and International Baccalaureate (yes, I know, what's that? You can ask me, and I'll explain, lol) diplomas.

Not bad for high school. I also formed many friendships, despite the fact that I (now) let years elapse between phone calls.

But jeeez, my old stomping grounds have done it now.

For a senior prank, the kids put the desks and chairs on top of the roof. Now, I have no idea how in the hell they got them up there without anyone seeing them... and I know these were not IB kids... because for our senior prank, we TPed our teacher's rooms... because they already knew we were going to do it... and we knew we would be in no danger of having to forfeit graduation or our status as the prestigious IB dorks. (hey, I'm sure this is how the other kids saw us.)

Cypress Creek has been EVERYWHERE in the past few days after this incident... I'm talking CNN, and the BBC!

(yes, this is the BBC website, talking about my little old school in Orange County, Florida...)

Okay, so Mrs. Storch-y (our less-than-favorite principal) is up in arms over this, and all the wack-ass "soccer moms" and parents who have nothing better to do than bother other people and complain are all up in arms over this as well, and at last knowledge, the perpetrators were being suspended from graduation. That sucks, but they should have expected it (that's everyone's first response to senior pranks).

But I must say, since I'm not anywhere near close to that "soccer mom" vicinity (and boy, I hope I never get there), I say bravo to those brave-ass (and probably a little stupid) kids from the Class of '09. You might not make graduation (right now), but you've done better than most--you've made history.

Cypress Creek certainly wasn't on CNN or the BBC when I was there.


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