Friday, April 17, 2009

feature face...


woke up today just wanting to sleep.

when i discover something negative about myself, given to me through someone else's eyes, although i'm glad to learn these things, and although in the long run, the discovery is helpful, it always leaves me in this type of mood.

i'm always frustrated because they are things i wished i could have figured out and seen before someone told me. i feel embarrassed because these are things that people could see and that i couldn't. i always feel like retracting into the "cancer" shell (as in, my zodiac sign of cancer).

amid my morning retracting, i saw that my hair transition story is being featured on, so check it out here. You get to see my formerly relaxed, half-red hair. (and the shit was hot!)

so, that brightened my morning quite a bit... still retracting, still embarrassed, but hey, it's life.

adios loves,

p.s. i'm watching My Best Friend's Wedding (a movie i can always watch over and over--i love Julia Roberts), and it's official--i want a gay best guy friend. since being friends with straight men has proven so difficult, i'm over it. i want a gay best guy friend. it's the only way i'm going to be able to cuddle without worrying about me jumping him (and yes, i did say me jumping him.) or about catching some stupid feelings, or giving too much too soon.

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