Thursday, April 23, 2009

I want... (part deux)

--my bellybutton to get right... if I have to let go of my bellybutton piercing, I will be very sad :(

--a Nikon. Still.

--to be a Blog of Note, one day. Yeah, I said it. Lol.

--my own place, with a cute little green lamp and a white, polka dot comforter for my bed like the one from La Quinta. (the bed from La Quinta, not the comforter.)

--a Westie that promises to always be there when I wake, just like the ones from the Caesar dog food commercials.

--to figure out whether I want to live somewhere else because I really do, or because lots of other people do. (live someplace else, that is.)

--another tattoo.

--for the world to feel love.

--to speak le francais.

--a hablo espanol sin miedo. forgive me, there's no accent marks on a laptop.

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