Tuesday, April 21, 2009

I want...

--a Nikon camera. The ones I've seen are like $500. I think it will take my fledgling photography (and hence, my Flickr page) to the next level.

--to start making enough money to be totally independent.

--this wave of enlightenment and all around good mood to continue.

--my hair to grow into this big, funky fresh mass of curls.

--to add one more to the circle.

--for Florida summer, in all its mysterious soul-warming, smile-inducing joy.

--to fast for a day. to see how it makes me feel.

--to go away with my friend for a weekend.

--for August to come slow.

--to keep writing.

--for Love to come, slow and simple, gloriously gradual. Light on the delirium.

--to continue learning people.

--to continually be inspired by the little things.


that one said...

if you're serious about the camera, i know someone who is selling one. lol, i feel the same way sorta...i want to really tap into that field of me, i love photography and also i am seriously debating going back to playing piano...*sigh*...i feel back in love with classical music.


Miss Malorie said...

I know who you're talking about who's selling one :) I just left a comment on his blog... hopefully it's like, affordable... otherwise I'll have to let someone else have my dream... *sigh* lol.

And I feel you... I used to be a first-chair flute player back in the day, and I still have my instrument... I wanna start playing again... *sigh*

I just wanna live la vie de la boheme! One day... lol.

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