Wednesday, April 1, 2009

my twenty questions

I like this idea of "20 Questions" that I found on this "blog of note". I was totally going to follow the blog, until I saw their rant about how much they couldn't stand that Obama won the election and that ended that. Me no likey. But the 20 Q's are cool!

1. When you were a child, what did you want to be when you grew up?
Miss Malorie wanted to be Dr. Malorie J. Marshall. I wanted to be a pediatrician. This is the first thing I ever remember wanting to be. In fact, I wanted to be a doctor so bad, that when I was inducted into an honor society, they put that on the program as my career goal, and when I was 14/15 I volunteered and later worked at my doctor's office and met all the pharmaceutical reps during those wonderful luncheons they had while trying to push their drugs. I remember them telling me I looked like I would be a doctor. I don't know how a skinny kid in a t-shirt, jeans, and blue-framed glasses somehow "looked" like a future doctor. It was then I discovered just how much people bullshit.

2. What have you done in the past week to help someone else?
Hmmm... gave someone advice/my thoughts on their divorce. Supervised a couple kids at the Orlando Magic game when my boss couldn't go. Gave a friend advice on a relationship situation. Went to Miami (that was to help myself :)

3. Who is the best-dressed person you know?
Myself, obviously. Lol. Although I am a pretty snazzy dresser, I would have to say the best-dressed person I know is... well, I don't know any one particular person. I know quite a few though.

4. What is on your nightstand?
My lamp, my alarm clock (not supposed to be there!), a framed picture of my family and myself from right before I went to UF, a picture of my "niece", and my daily devotional book.

5. If you were a cat, what kind of a cat would you be?
A bad-ass lioness. I don't like housecats, and I wouldn't want to be one, either.

6. If you lived in a house surrounded by acres of trees, what particular type of tree would you want flourishing on your land?
Jeeez... palm trees :) I'm a Floridian :) It would help if I were extremely well-versed in tree types, though...

7. What do you find to be very overrated?
no-strings-attached flings (pretty futile), one-night-stand kinda sex (kinda pointless), coffee, reality television, etc.

8. How many email addresses do you have?
Jeeezzzz... ummm... just four, I believe. I no longer use one, one has fallen prey to spam, and one I use the most.

9. Have you ever felt replaced?
Yup, I sure have.

10. Would you rather watch football or baseball?
Football, hands down. Do I get a cute man to watch it with?

11. What is the wallpaper on your phone?
on the outside, it's a picture of me in Miami, and on the inside, it's a picture of South Beach

12. Name a lyric from the song you're listening to.
no music, just silence

13. Do you use a feed reader?

14. What chocolate do you always leave in the box?
the one with other chocolate inside, or the ones with caramel on the inside, or the ones that are dark chocolate. ew.

15. What would you do if you found out your ex is engaged?
been there, done that before, lol. well, if this one said that to me, I'd say, "wow, that was quick" and be quite quite sad, but I've already reasoned with myself that those types of things are the way of life. Either get used to it or fall off, I suppose.

16. Do words hurt you?
Of course they can. That little childhood riddle about sticks and stones don't mean shit. I should stick a stick up the ass + throw a stone at the person who made that up.

17. Are you a talker or a listener? Is it ever possible to really be both?
Of course you can be both. Anything is possible. I fluctuate. I'm definitely a listener, but I enjoy speaking just as well. Just depends.

18. Have you ever walked on the beach at night?
The beach in Boca 3 Spring Breaks ago when my friend was caking and I was forced to make small talk with my friend's wanna-be-significant-other's unattractive friend. I've also been on Melbourne Beach at night, though I was terrified and saw an electric eel in the water. Oh yeah, and the beach on Treasure Island near Clearwater. I think that's all.

19. Who is your favorite professional athlete?
don't have one.

20. Which TV show have you seen pretty much every episode of?
I feel like I've seen almost every episode of The Fresh Prince of Bel Air but I know that's not true. Probably a show like Rugrats or Doug or Ren and Stimpy. Nickelodeon was my thing, man!!

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