Friday, April 10, 2009

Natural's the bomb!


Berta said...

Have you tried the coconut oil in the cooking section. It's hard like lard or shortening. Goes on more like unrefined shea butter

Miss Malorie said...

I did buy a thing of coconut oil... its formation varies between kinda mushy soft and runny (it lives in my kitchen and it gets a lil hot in there sometimes lol).

I kinda like the scent, but as far as moisture it's been okay. I haven't seen anything miraculous--it runs off my scalp too easily. One day I was at work and I had oil runnin down my neck lol. But, I bought some Lustrasilk shea butter cholesterol + Mango, so I'm excited to try that... I think my hair might like butter more than oil.

Miss Malorie said...

In the grocery stores here, I haven't found any coconut oil with that texture... I went to a natural food store and they only had a couple brands and they were all more oily than lard-like.

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