Tuesday, April 14, 2009

seven whole days (almost)

finally, the weather has caught up to my mood.
it started slowly--the brilliant sunny skies
were out of place,
but the quiet breezes
that shook the trees
matched my silence;
the fervor of my sick heart.
but today, the sky rumbles with thunder
and the sky is a mix
between light white
and medium gray.
the green of the trees clashes with the approaching storm,
and i thank the sky
for giving me an opportunity
to brace myself
against the wall of my bed,
to chuckle at the idiocy
which is now the label on my feelings.
i wait on your words
to summon a sense
of hope,
which also makes me chuckle
at its foolishness.
my eyes are heavy
as i wait on the storm
and more thoughts of you.

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