Tuesday, April 28, 2009

"you all make such a cute couple... i hope you last..."

through the club's haze
of lights and smoke
and sex on the dance floor
i watch her
as she sits next to her date,
him in silver and green,
smiling and laughing
and staring at the girl he adores--
you can see it all over his face.
the way he holds her,
the way he offers her another drink,
even after she scrunches up her nose
at the first one.
he dances in front of her,
offering her a playful lapdance
while other women stare at his slim
yet muscular frame
with envy.
they look like such a cute couple,
the guy in green and silver
and the girl in green.
but the whole time i watch them
i notice the girl's face
going blank every now and again,
her smile, half-genuine.
maybe it has something to do
with the phone she keeps sneaking a peek at,
or maybe,
the man on the other end.

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