Monday, May 11, 2009

i just call it another lesson learned...

don't mix business with pleasure

Okay, now today I was talking about never mixing business with pleasure. This one is simple, and I don't have to go into much detail. Do not sleep with anyone you work with. Do not sleep with anyone you work with. I'm sure you think it's harmless, or maybe you don't care, or maybe you think you all will be cool forever... take it from someone who knows--don't do it. Business will always outlast pleasure, and trust me, you will not want to look at that same dude you thought was so great a year or two later after you've learned all he likes to do is fuck you and sit on the couch. (hey, life's lessons can be tough.) That also being said, you don't want any of your exes/conquests/menfriends/loves to look at each other. It's fine if you know that Joey and Jim are your menfriends from past or present, but you do not want Joey and Jim to be aware of one another.... no, you don't.

So remember business will always outlast pleasure. Trust me on this, please?


that one said...

so I disagree with a an extent. or maybe not...I think my view of it is skewed, I don't ever want to date a friend ever again. If we become friend after we've already came out about the fact that we're interested--fine, but if we're friends first I don't cross that line. BOTH times when I did, first time because I felt bad, second time because he kept saying that my thoughts that it would mess up the friendship were irrational--smh...and look where we are? Once again...ANYWAY...

I think if you're already friends, proceed with EXCESS caution...because once things go sour (if they do) it can be really bad especially when you're trying to differentiate between what you say to them as a friend or what you don't say to them bc it is meant out of romantic love.

It's too confusing.

Just don't do it.

sheesh. lol

Miss Malorie said...

Lol, here's how I've remedied the situation...

I'm friends with all and girlfriend to none. Lol. I figure if I do this, and keep the cooch on lock (lol), then I can hang out, and kiss whomever in the world I want, and be my sexy flirtatious self, and at the end of the day, sleep with a light conscience and lessened problems. Lol.

Of course, when you approach the game with a game plan, it seems life doesn't work this way, but I'm determined this time. Lol. Besides, I'm a habitual line stepper... so my view is skewed as well. Lol.

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