Monday, May 11, 2009

in the clink... third week

Log number 875:

I've gotten used to the harsh conditions of the foreign living environment known as "the cubicle."

The stupefying coldness has died down as the days have gone on, and my eyes have grown accustomed to the fluorescent horror of the lighting... my eyes have ceased to burn at the end of the day.

Although fatigue still threatens to send me under at times, I fight the waves of sleep with standing up, frequent trips to the restrooms that smell of bubble gum, and semi-pointless trips to my vehicle.

The "cubicle" mercenaries caught on to the fun my coworkers and I were having in our survival square of cubicles, so they've partially separated us, under the guise of training three of us for new "RIBS." Why they call the test sections that we score "RIBS" I will never be sure.

My body has accustomed to the cubicle-induced oral fixation that caused me frequent sugar shock in the early days. I've started to sneak in grapes and carrots, cookies and fruit bars. I've cut my candy consumption by 98%.

I don't have long left... not counting this week, I have one week and three days left in "the cubicle." Whatever new developments occur in this foreign terrain, I'll make sure to update for you.


Now, if only I could fix my fingers in that cool way they did on Space Trek... that was Space Trek, right? You can tell I don't watch... lol.

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