Thursday, May 14, 2009


*Disclaimer* My random thoughts should not be seen to stand as testaments to a life-long condition of opinion... my mood shifts often, my opinions start to waver on certain things as I grow, learn, and gain. They are simply... random.

  • I like ellipses... a lot.
  • "LOL" has transformed from laughing out loud to "smile." Anytime I say it, it's usually just because I'm smiling.
  • Right now, I've fallen out of love with the idea of getting married.
  • I still want my puppy, my bed, couch, and apartment.
  • I'd like my tires to stop being nail magnets.
  • One week and a few days until I get to go back to my kids.
  • When God is with me, who can be against me?
  • I now can type without looking at the keyboard whatsoever.
  • Kissing is my favorite... nothing is more arousing than a great, hot, sexy makeout session.
  • Frank Sinatra is my hero... seriously. There are certain aspects of his life and his swagger (because yes kids, it was a word before Wayne used it, and "ya dig" was actually in existence before Juelz Santana and every other rapper alive used it) that I love love love. And he loved orange... how can I not love a man who loved orange!
  • my nails are starting to bore me... but I don't know what to do with them... I've already cut them, how much shorter can they get?
  • the perfect job for me would be to sit outside on a blanket, underneath a tree, with the air blowing warmly, and read. Read read read read.

Which is what I will do... as soon as I give my hair an oil treatment, finish watching this game, do my laundry... by the time I get to read, it will be time to sleep :( *sigh*

hasta luego!

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