Saturday, May 23, 2009

"Saturday night's the loneliest night of the week..."

Actually, it's not. Frankie said so years and years before I was born, but I'm enjoying my Saturday. Just me and the radio and my eyes burning (due to my time spent in the clink, which is happily coming to an end this upcoming week).

I've just spent a couple of hours on Facebook. Chatting. And waiting on things to happen in front of my eyes. It's so much more addictive than it was when I first used it, four years ago. Back then, you just pulled it up constantly, always checking it and always uploading pictures. Now, you just leave it running in the background. Lol. Addictive though it is, I'm still not on a college schedule anymore, and my laptop is never always on like back in the UF days, so I still probably check it every other day. It's serious, but not that serious. But I'm glad to be back on it, and now able to peer into the lives of all my friend peoples :)

My eyes are quite burning... that doesn't look right, but it sounded good in my head, so I'm leaving it. The light next to me isn't doing much.

It has occurred to me lately just how many opportunities God throws at me that I really don't deserve. To have people in my life that still love me and will talk to me like it ain't nothing and will support me when I've treated them like garbage. To love some very special individuals. To have the life I do. There's nothing I could ever do to really truly repay Him, so all I can do is say thank you all the time, constantly.

This post will be coming to an end soon... the eyes, man, the eyes...

I think I feel like writing some "poetry..."

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