Thursday, May 14, 2009

"such is the story of my life..."

I was reading my book on Frankie Sinatra this morning (I love him... he's literally my idol), and the author was recounting different stories and quotes from Frankie, and one of them once, "this is the story of my life," which has been in my head all day, because I am one of those people to whom interesting events occur, which seem to overlook all others. Hence, when these events occur, I say, "such is the story of my life."

Today was one of these days.

I was at work, when one of my coworkers came up to me and told me that one of my tires looked a little flat. The other day, I noticed this, and then forgot about it, or put it aside to think about other things. I went to look at the tire... it indeed looked a little flat. I was in Lake Mary. It's 20 miles from Lake Mary back home to O-town. My father told me my tire might be flat by the end of the day. It was hours until I got off from work. So, I got permission to leave for a second to go put air in my tires.

I got to the gas station up the street, and someone was using the air machine. So I waited until they moved... and discovered the air machine cost seventy-five cents. I didn't have seventy-five cents. I exclaimed, "shit!" But then, I looked out my window and discovered that the air was still running. I jumped out of the car, only to discover I couldn't get the cap off (my little tire cap). I'm right-handed, so I thought using my right hand would be useful. I used my left hand and it came undone immediately. And immediately, the air machine went off.

Defeat looming over my head, I begrudgingly put the cap back on (still with my left hand), and got back in the car. I drove back to work, and called Roadside Assistance. I was informed that they would arrive in about half-an-hour, near the time of my actual end-of-the-day break. This excited me, and I went back inside the building to get back to work. After I'd sat down for a second, I realized that although the assistant would put my spare tire on my car, this still wouldn't solve the problem of my actual tire. I sighed.

Exactly half-an-hour later, I was outside, getting my spare put on by Roadside Assistance. This was greatly helpful. I'd also received directions from a coworker to the nearest Wal Mart in Lake Mary so I wouldn't have to drive on my spare on I-4 to get back home to go to Wal Mart. As soon as I got off work, I was the second person pulling out the lot, headed to the Wal Mart. I was initially excited to be exploring Lake Mary... until I discovered I was riding parallel to I-4, heading further away from Orlando and closer to Sanford.

Nevertheless, I kept riding. Until I pulled up to the Wal Mart... that was a Sam's Club instead.

So I turned around and headed to I-4... and rode going 75 mph on a spare tire. In the rain, because of course, by this time, it was raining more steadily. I hit traffic at Lee Road, and promptly got off the highway. I started riding deep into my side of town to go to the Wal Mart I was trying to avoid driving all the way toward, and then the sky opened up... and I had to pee, and I was still on a spare.

Eventually, I got to Wal Mart... only to be told that I couldn't get my tire fixed because the nail in it was too close to the side of the tire.

This is probably the fifth nail I've gotten in a tire on my car. The tire that I will now have to replace is also a brand new tire.

Such is the story of my life.

But, story shared, know that there was nothing bad about this day... just recounting this for you makes me smile... if this wasn't the story of my life, believe that my life wouldn't nearly be as interesting :)

The rain has stopped on my side of town, and some of the clouds have cleared... now I can shower all the day's grime off me, and relax in bed with my Frankie Sinatra...

thank the Lord for small miracles :)

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