Saturday, May 2, 2009

they are burning

The saddest part of working in a cubicle, I have discovered, is not the risk of blood clotting and the desire to vomit from all the sugar I have to consume in order to stay awake, nor the fact that I'm missing the majority of the day's sunshine while being trapped inside, nor even the fact that I can't even spend my time reading, as my heart desires...

the saddest thing of all is that when I get home, and even on the weekend, as it is right now, I have no earthly desire to look at the computer.

Well, scratch that--I do have a desire, but it sets my eyes on fire (ignore the rhyme, unless it makes you giggle).

My eyes are burning right now. But I troop through the pain, to bring you a blog.

What can I say? Love trumps comfort.

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