Sunday, May 3, 2009

what a dif'rence, a [year] makes

This exact time, last year [May 3, 2008], I was walking around my graduation party, in my black, cinched-waist dress and black Nine West heels, and my graduation cap, the center of attention for my family and friends in attendance. I was a UF graduate.

This exact time, this year [May 3, 2009], I've just gotten home from a department meeting, in my turquoise and jeans, sitting silently at the table eating my dinner, pondering what I need to do before waking up tomorrow at six-ish for the beginning of another week. I'm still a UF graduate, just a year later.

And no, don't take the contrast in the two statements for the solemnity with which the second might ring--I just wanted to point out the disparity in years. My mentality is different. My situations are different. I am different.

But the thing that stays the same, from year to year, graduation to meetings, is the same thing that Robert Frost discovered oh-so-long-ago about life--

--it goes on.

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