Thursday, June 25, 2009

Goodbye Mike.... :( '58--'09

So, I'm sitting watching CNN... and Michael Jackson is dead.

I don't really know what to say. Of course, there will be lots of real nasty things said about him... about his fascination with the little ones, about his life and how weird it was... but above all, he was a human being.

Call me uber-sensitive... I don't really give a fuck. I've always had a soft spot in my heart for the uniquely sensitive human condition. You wouldn't be able to understand if I explained to you how I have spent nights praying and grieving over humanity. How crazy humans can be, how humans can do the nastiest things... I just don't think you would get it. You'd probably just call me too sensitive, or too compassionate, or whatever.

I've always had a soft spot for stars like Marilyn Monroe, Mike Jackson, and Frank Sinatra. They are, now, all deceased, and were all very different people. But they had something in common. I feel like they were all very lonely people. They all had very public personas, but from all of the things I've ever heard about Marilyn, from all the things I've read about Frankie, and from all the things I've ever thought about Mike... they all seemed to be very lonely people. Constantly surrounded by people, with amazingly famous personalities... but they all just seemed lonely. Forgive me if I'm repetitive, but like Larry King just said, "what can you say?"

What can you say? I'm not extremely religious, but I am deeply spiritual. I just pray that he's at rest now. I didn't know him, of course, but I just feel bad. He was so successful, but I just feel like he never got a chance to have a normal life... but hey, he will be immortalized forever, in a way that some of us will not get to be. So I guess it was a worthy sacrifice (?)...

Hmmmm.... what else can be said? Besides the fact that it reminds me, as I have always known, that life is so fragile... here today, gone tomorrow.



Manda The Magnificent said...

I felt unbelievable when I woke up and heard this. I've been obsessed with him for years, as weird as it may sound lol. I had all his pictures printed out, his newspaper clippings up on my wall, you name it. He was a true genius and didn't deserve any of what happened to him :(

Miss Malorie said...

I hear you. I really felt like someone I knew intimately had passed. Now it's just making me sad because they are going to pick apart his life and any little mistake he might have made or any little rumor that someone started... makes me wonder if when I pass away, people will pick apart my life and my mistakes. I hope not. :(

Manda The Magnificent said...

Your writings will show people how amazing you were even if they did.

Miss Malorie said...

Thanks :)

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