Saturday, June 27, 2009

"let me show you, let me show you, the way to go..."

i sit here, typing the same email address over and over again,
logging into the same account,
telling myself that i keep checking for your final message
because i just want to know that i can go ahead and delete everything--
every self-help article you ever sent,
every argument we had
every word we shared dripped in the care we
feel/felt(?) for each other.
i just want to read your final note
so i can know that the time of us is through
but i think i keep checking
to avoid admitting
that we are no longer.
words, albeit nasty
telling me it's all pointless,
are still words you're saying to me,
still time you're spending talking to me.
so, i'll give myself until Sunday,
and if nothing from you then,
i'll kiss you goodbye
from approximately thirteen miles away.

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