Tuesday, August 25, 2009

7:11 am

it only hurts when i breathe.
like, seriously.
breath emitted
--fffppphh.... ow, shit--
you hurt me with every God given, life dependent
this isn't entirely new,
or, maybe it is.
because i've never lost a man
who lived inside
the very walls connected to my heart.
you lived in me,
and now i wake,
womb empty
holding my hands in my lap,
feeling your absence like a child lost
or aborted:
always guilty,
always missing
with every strained breath;
every sigh against the sunrise,
muted Monet pastels viewed through saltwater tears,
the intake and slow exhale
in a darkened theatre chair;
the silhouette of you lives in me,
constricting my breath with every rise of my chest,
reminding me of the folly of our

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