Saturday, August 22, 2009

Happy Birthday to the extraordinary homie/lover/friend

You might have accused me of thinking too much into the future in other instances, but I never thought about your birthday, and whether we'd be celebrating it together. I never thought about whether we'd be celebrating my birthday together. I guess that was just too far into the future for a girl who has the bad habit of losing men she loves (this is take two).

But, damn, didn't we celebrate some great times together?

There was the night we met, when you practically materialized in front of me... remember how I put my number in your phone, and I told you not to waste any time contacting me and not to play any games? You texted me before I even got home to tell me to have "sweet dreams."

Or, what about the first time I spent the night with you? Remember going out to my friend's birthday party first? I got so drunk, and so obnoxious (totally not my style)... I'm surprised you still took me home with you... but I chalked it up to showing me how much you cared about me. Remember the sweet hours we spent in bed the next day, not doing anything but touching and talking? It stormed all day, but all I knew was I felt so comfortable in your arms.

There was my friend's wedding... we sat at the table and talked all day long and drank that watered down complimentary punch outside... it was so fun to drive to the ocean with you, and you kept me so calm when I thought we were late and that we had missed the entire wedding.

Gosh... what about all the times we went out? I'm sure you'll never forget me climbing the stairs in Roxy's, counting in Spanish and French... or our in-depth conversation about how Beyonce was my lesbian lover... and how the female bartender agreed with me and we both told you she was so hot. There was Blue Martini and Antigua, where we always put on a show... remember when the lady came up to me and said, you all are so cute together, I hope you last... that was probably the beginning of the end.

We had holidays as well... you had to go home for Thanksgiving and Christmas, but you sent me sweet messages, and then when you came back, you held me closely in your arms and pressed my lips against yours. We had Valentine's Day together, my first ever with someone... you left me a scavenger hunt with cute notes, and it was the first time I'd ever got high... we had New Year's, when I wanted you to practice your stroke at the stroke of midnight... (once a writer, always a writer.) We even had Memorial Day...

Immediately, I loved you. You were a friend, a lover, and a boyfriend. We spoke of things I never told anyone; you saw me cry, you saw me when I was goofy, you dealt with me when I was drunk, when I was high, when I was wanting all your free time. We could be silly together, clowning on each other while eating Little Caesar's pizza, drinking while watching the Playoffs, chilling while watching the Super Bowl. We could be sensuous together... we took every shower together; we took naps together, curled up in each other; we spoke late into the night, in the darkness, pressed closely to one another.

It's a sunny Saturday here in my world, to be filled with mundane tasks... I wonder what the weather's like where you are... I wonder if you're celebrating with your new girl, or with your family, or whether you're celebrating at all.

(I hope you have a good time. Birthdays don't come around very often, you know.)




Te extraño mucho, cariño…

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