Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Happy birthday to THAT guy...

I should have never told you that you would be part of my birthday series... I should have just written about you and let you figure it out... but, I probably would have said too much, as is my fashion... and then you would have known too much about yourself.

So, I'll keep it at this:

I'll never forget the days of texting while in the same building, staring at each other, of "confession of the day"s, of the way my thigh was black and blue after you sunk your teeth in it (or how damn good it felt), of how you had the tendency to make me feel so special and cared about, of how you made my 21st birthday, of how fucking awesome your kisses were, of how I was telling people about your smile before we even shared an in-depth conversation, of the way I was terrified when I saw that smoke come out of your drink, of how much I thought you looked like a cute little kid before you kissed me for the first time


how we almost got arrested. (lol.)

There's so much I could say... you know how talented I am with the words... but like you, I can be deceptive when I want to be.

Happy birthday, counselor. I'm happy that your sexy ass is my friend... and I can't wait to see what you have to offer the world. I'm proud of you. And I'll get you a strawberry soda anytime... lol.

There's nothing better I could have been doing with my evenings as a fresh UF grad, then sitting in your living room, my sweatpant-clad leg over your sweatpant-clad leg, reading poetry to the most erudite brotha to ever be underage.

Well, you're not underage anymore :) My little baby's growing up... lol.

Happy birthday, kid ;)

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Yan Tan said...

hey hunn just stopping by showing your blog some love!

Come stop by sometime.. ;-p


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