Wednesday, August 12, 2009

i'll send you on your way, but you stay with me

i have four hundred, fifty-seven messages in my inbox

(that's facebook and gmail combined... plus the two from myspace)

and my voicemailbox is full

and it's very possible that my beta fish

has died from not being fed for three days.

i just can't move

from your bed


the way i wake up

and you're waiting for me


how did you sleep?

my mother thinks i'm on a typical excursion

and my best friend thinks i've been abducted

but i just can't


the warmth of your embrace

the sexiness of

your dorkiness

and how you always ran over that curb

at Little Caesars,

at least,

not until i wake up.


Leila said...

'sexiness of your dorkiness' isn't that the truth! Love it!

Miss Malorie said...

thanks lady! :) And yesss you know I always end up liking dudes with "swag," but it never fails that the ones I've loved have had a little dork in them... and they wore it so well :)

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