Monday, August 24, 2009

starting anew

Things I learned today:

1. The way I looked when I was in eighth grade is vastly different from the way most kids look today in eighth grade. A few students today at my new job thought I was a student. Granted, I was sitting down, and they obviously mistook my older face for that of a youthful, beautiful young'n, but once I stood up and they still thought I was in the eighth grade, it hit me: although I may think I have waaay too much ass and chest to look like I'm thirteen, most thirteen year olds today have more ass and chest than I do. Blame it on the additives in the food. I don't get it.

2. Kids today are spoiled. Okay, so I was spoiled also (meaning, I didn't have to do much work outside of school, and my parents pretty much gave me what I wanted, though I wasn't a spoiled brat by any means--and yes, there's a difference), but these kids have iPods, cell phones, all type of foolishness... and they are 11! Okay, so some are older, but still! Damn, cell phones were just coming out when I was in middle school...

3. Women should not have to tuck in their shirts. So, my new supervisor of my supervisor came to visit and told us all to tuck in our shirts... me, being used to this accepted sexism, stood there... until I realized that the supervisor meant me as well. I have not tucked in my shirt since I was a child. Especially in my time working with the city... I used to do the half tuck when I wore gym shorts (tucking in the front part of the shirt, pulling it out a little, and leaving the back to hang over my gym shorts), but as time went on, and we switched to khakis (which accentuated my ass just a little too much), I left the shirts straight down. This way, they covered my front and back. As a lady with a lil' back, I don't enjoy tucking my shirt in so my ass is on full display. But I'll just act like the boys I work with--tuck it in only when the supervisor comes to visit.

4. I'm losing my patience with children. Don't get me wrong--I still love kids to death, but I am losing that all-encompassing adoration I used to have for them when I first started. There's nothing wrong with this--I don't think you can work with children and simply adore them to the point that you let them get away with bloody murder... you have to be disciplined with them also. So, no, I'm not to the point where I can't work with them anymore (I'll always be able to work with kids), it's just that I'm getting older.

Okay... that's all.

Day 1 down, days 179 to go...

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