Thursday, August 6, 2009

"this goes out to you, you..."

My babies had their annual end-of-summer dance show this evening... and it was so much fun, as always.

Every year, they show the tape from the summer previous... and tonight, while watching last year's show, I saw just how much the kids have grown up... I mean, there's a young lady who's about ten now, and almost as tall as me, and I remember her being in my group the very first summer I worked with the kids, back when she was five and only came up to about my hip.

Time is flying by.

No matter how frustrating life gets, no matter what bullshit goes on in the workplace, no matter how much the kids frustrate me when they act out, nothing makes me feel better than when I'm simply trying to walk down the row of seats to go to the restroom, and when I have to stop at each individual chair about twenty times because all the kids want to give me hugs. (as if they haven't seen me all day, or all summer, for that matter.)

Like I learned my first summer, the unconditional love of a child can help heal all types of ailments... cynicism, self-depreciation, rigidity, and most of all, broken or fragmented hearts.

Thanks to the kids who saved my heart.

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