Sunday, August 2, 2009

with August, something is always lost

i stand in the shower,
head pressed against tile,
muffling my anguish
with my half-damp bathcloth,
hoping no one hears the gasps
that resound.

i try to calm the furious raging
of a head ready to explode,
but all i can do is remember
every time we showered together,
locked in delirium,
ten, twenty, thirty minutes come to pass;
your shower curtain watched
with curious eyes
as we stared each other down
while you lived inside me.

i prefer to drown
the fact that
just about moved on from everything,
because my heart can't do
the thought of you
so over
the foolishness of me.
so i dry my eyes
turn off the shower water
and step back into reality,
eyes red, memories stifled

until my next shower.


Manda The Magnificent said...

this just made my whole night. it brought back a lot of old washed up memories that i try not to think about, but it's going to be the only way to get past the bad relationship right?

Miss Malorie said...

More or less... you might as well go ahead and let the thoughts come because if you try and stifle them now, they'll come back eventually.

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