Monday, October 5, 2009


In a need to write something, anything, while I'm sitting with my laptop in my lap, bentonite clay mask on the face, I must tell you this:

today, one of my kids asked me if I wanted to play MASH. I was like, sure! I used to love playing MASH in school.

I looked around for a sheet of paper, and was about to ask her if she had a pen or pencil...

when I noticed she took out her iPhone.

Something told me the phone would have something to do with our game.

I questioned: are we going to play MASH on your phone? You have an app for that?

(I felt like an iPhone commercial.)

Yes, she had an app for that. We played MASH on her phone.

I ended up living in Japan, as a teacher, with my three kids, and my husband (a made-up man named "Tony"... his name was obviously wrong. But, at least we lived in a mansion).

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