Thursday, October 8, 2009


"A nap is akin to an orgasm:

only in their separate, yet consuming pleasures. They both wholly drown the individual in waves, one, deep, slow, and warm, and the other, sweet, painful, and electric hot.

I wake from a nap, groggy, the world colored in muted shades of deep brown and green grass, as I rub my eyes slowly but continuously. I stretch for a time and curl back into the fetal position: knees drawn up into my stomach, bottom curved outward, arms entangled in one another, clasped to my chest. I glance at my watch in between fragments of dreams.

My body jerks without my consent, back arched fitfully, hips pressed toward the ceiling, pelvic bones gracefully apparent. My moans are deeply uttered, guttural things that explode from my throat as the thermal waves, severe and trembling, wash over me, exhausting me. The trembles fade to shivers but the moans persist, fading slower until they are like poorly spaced hiccups. His hand, he places softly on my stomach, pulling me back into him. I curl up into the fetal position: legs pulled up toward my stomach, feet entangled in his, arms grasping his and pulled into my chest, the quick waves of sleep enveloping me as I fall deeper...

... down into the world without dreams, black, calm, unconscious."

[inspired by a deep nap]


Knotted Angel said...

Very sensual....Very nicely put together

Miss Malorie said...

Thank you, I appreciate it :)

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