Thursday, November 5, 2009

Fall in Orlando...

The title has nothing to do with anything esoterically artistic... it's just a lovely fall day in Orlando, and I'm sitting outside on my laptop, like the little writerbee I can be... occasionally, that is.

I haven't written much lately. I haven't written a "published" article in months, and I think I'm ready to cut that loose. Something about that outfit never felt completely correct to me, and I've grown tired of lamenting over/trying to figure out relationships (I can grow tired/bored very quickly). I know I've helped people (inadvertently) along my journey, but I've reached a point where I have something that currently works for me, and I no longer have the desire to figure out the perfect nuances of relationship. Every relationship is different, and instead of reading all these damn self-help books (not saying that I've been doing that... lol) and articles on how to mold the perfect relationship, people should, above all, be open to the possibility of different things and open to the fact that things will not always go as planned in life, and that's that. Focus on getting to really know the people in your life and enjoying them for who they are, be your damn self, and the people and things that don't fit--get rid of them.

That brings me to another point: Fall cleaning season. I'm here, and it's time. I've been notoriously known to have these periods of retraction and "cutting loose." The people who were "victims" of these seasons didn't understand them, and therefore, lambasted them with negativity. There's nothing wrong with a season of cleaning. Too often, people and things overstay their time in your life. Why do people hold on to these things and people? Habit? Fear? I don't know, but even when I was younger, I felt the frequent need to have these seasons of cutting loose. What that meant, which at the time, I couldn't identify, was that I had way too many negative things in my life. Negative things and people can get the boot. What's the point of holding on to something if it's not doing you any good? Let it go.

I can't believe November is here already. This month was very critical for me last year, so I remember it very vividly--Obama being elected President, me being able to vote for the first time, me beginning my freelance articles, my first Fall out of college, meeting him <3... the fact that I remember these things so vividly draws to my attention the fact that the year has really flown by, because it's already November all over again, and so many things have changed. When did the year fly by? When I blinked?

Which leads me to something I always say and think but find hard to follow. Life is too short, and time is moving way too fast to be hung up on stupidity. To be inhibited by fear. To wait on illusions that will never be whole. If you've got something to do, do it. If you've got something to say, say it. Time has proven, and is in the business of continuing to prove, that it waits for no one.

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