Thursday, November 19, 2009

free (the truth)

(is that)
I can sing as loud as I want
even if my voice cracks
or if the window is down or someone down the hall can hear me
and I can walk into a room and not turn my face
embarrassed when heads lift to stare at me
even if I'm in the club
and that man is staring at me like he's eating me
through my clothes

(truth is that)
I don't have to have six vodka crans to be
the bitch who sits with her feet crossed on top the table
and who rides to your place in the middle of the night
and I can hold my shoulders high
even when I'm taller than the whole room
whether I'm five-ten and change (flat)
or six-one (heeled)

(the truth is that)
i'm free
because you let free
the long sleeping truth
about me
and simultaneously
did me the biggest favor
you didn't try to do.

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