Monday, November 23, 2009


I have no interest in
Jordans that sometimes aren't even that cute
and usually cost half of my car payment
or pit bull puppies, walked on
chains for leashes
by a boyfriend who only smokes blacks
and wears his pants so low he walks
like a cowboy
in order to keep them from falling to his ankles
because there's no belt between
the pants two sizes too big
and the wifebeater he wears

I don't tote a baby
that I carry around like the sack of flour
we had as a project the year
I got pregnant
and I don't love a baby daddy
who "loved" four other girls
so much
that all our babies
are the same age.

No, I don't love Plies, Gucci Mane,
or any other gimmicky, idiotic
brainwashing garbage,
though just because I may vibe to Wayne or Jay-Z
doesn't mean Frank Sinatra
Amel Larrieux
don't get vibed to as well
and come to mention it,
I don't speak the language
of slowed down
chopped and screwed
whatever the hell you call it
so please don't play it
expecting a response.

I don't like Baby Phat
and I don't watch BET
I hate rims
and cars painted electric orange
and Pepto pink
I loathe mermaid ponytails
and houseslippers worn in store
and no, I'm not


I just simply realize that there's a difference
and those
but at first glance
yellow brown
can lead me
to be one of


julochka said...

i think that's really good (and better than a "this girl...") because it's much more subtle. :-)

and tho' i don't get all of the cultural references since i have been gone for a decade and never go to movies and don't listen to that much radio, i really think that i still get it.

thanks for stopping by to visit me so that i discovered you.

happy thanksgiving!

Miss Malorie said...

Thank you :) The culture of mediocrity is so pervasive that it's hard to escape it. And I'm glad you could understand even through the cultural references!

I'm glad you discovered me also :) I discovered you through Blogs of Note and I'm thankful I did!

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