Thursday, November 26, 2009

thanksgivingpoemthatsreallyathought/she still got it

on thanksgiving i sit in front of the tv while mom cooks because i don't like cooking and it doesn't really suit one as fly as me while i think about all the people that have come and gone in my life and i find that i'm not even sad this thanksgiving because life has taught me that people come and people go and as long as they leave a lesson it's all good even though i just texted my lover used to be boyfriend and told him i was thankful for him and all he could say was happy thanksgiving it's all good because i've stopped expecting so much from people because that's the reason why i'm always disappointed and i'm really hungry right now and my sister is watching this dog show making comments on every single one and wow the sun is coming out after days with no shine and i think i need to get up and eat something but first i have to finish this thought and i think my lips are peeling and that's not fun and i wonder if anyone will actually take the time to sit and read through this with no punctuation and you know it could be kind of dangerous to write about people in my life knowing that they read what i write but then again i asked them to didn't tell them to and i find myself still thinking about being underappreciated by lovers but like i told my mom last night it's all good because who's the girl who gets hit on by dudes when she goes out to do something as simple as picking up a pizza with no makeup no earrings no attempt at swag at all....


that would certainly be


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