Thursday, November 26, 2009

this girl...

I ran across a "this girl" post at one of the blogs I follow, moments of perfect clarity, and I decided to give it a go... I really liked the way it was done, so here's mine :)

This girl:

-- is deeper than most can imagine or deal with... and she's fine with that.
--loves hard... and she knows someone one day is going to appreciate that.

-- is writing.
-- was born to be a writer. She might be many other things, but she will be a writer until the breath has left her, and beyond.

--is enraged very quickly by stupid things and stupid people.
--sometimes still worries about whether what she does is in line with what's expected... but that's fading.

--thinks tradition is great, but does not envision herself being a "I get off work and cook every single day for my husband" type of lady.
--is starting to wonder hard whether marriage is a logical construct for her.

--has learned that people are fleeting, their emotions are fickle, and they lie while smiling in your face.
--knows that true friends, true lovers, and true loves will always be there for you.

--thinks the 9-to-5 world is pretty lame.
--thinks the "real world" in its entirety is pretty lame.

--is generally misunderstood by those closest to her.
--enjoys people, but relishes solitude sometimes.

--would like to live a more minimalist lifestyle... less food, less junk, less tv, etc.
--thinks about becoming a vegetarian sometimes.

--thinks playing by the rules can be boring.
--is going to be a star in her own right.


julochka said...

i also think about being a vegetarian sometimes. and then i buy a 20 pound turkey. sigh.

great take on this girl...

happy thanksgiving!

Miss Malorie said...

Lol thanks Julie! I think about being a vegetarian... until I think about lasagna... and then it's all over. Lol.

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