Thursday, December 3, 2009

growing pains

I would like to make my blog spiffier.

Like this.

Or maybe like this.

Or maybe even like this.

I wonder how I can go about this. I'm not exactly 125% computer savvy, but I'm also not incapable of using computer functions. I'd say I'm somewhere in between.

But I want to change my blog, just like I want to change aspects of my life. I'd like everything, including my blog, to completely represent me.



julochka said...

you can google blogger templates or choose a very plain one (minima stretch is the one i've used) and then play with the colors/fonts and pictures to make it your own. it's the beauty of blogging, i think it's a genre that can totally represent (to the extent that's possible) a person's real me. :-)

Miss Malorie said...

:) I still haven't found that look that says "me," but I'm looking!

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