Wednesday, December 30, 2009

I forgot this was a decade

I've admittedly been away from my computer for a while now. I've been busy--moving out of my parents house, Christmas at home, Christmas in Georgia, etc. Not to mention, sometimes I just don't have anything to say. Scratch that--it's not that I have nothing to say, it's that I just can't find the words sometimes.

So, I completely forgot the fact that we were living in the first decade of the New Millennium. Completely. Maybe it's because as soon as the decade started, no one really knew how to title it... what do we call it? The 00s? Maybe it's because I covered the expanse of my adolescence during this decade (13-22). I don't know, but the 00s just didn't fit as neatly as the 90s, or the 80s, etc.

It wasn't until everyone kept making such a big deal about this New Year's that I realized we were getting ready to enter a new decade. (Where does the time go?)

I've changed so much... and I know everyone says this, and I know it's been ten years, so I should be different, but seriously.... when you think about it... it's amazing.

At the beginning of this decade, I was in the 7th grade at Memorial Middle School... and now, I'm a college graduate from the University of Florida... if you would have told me then of the things that lie ahead of me, I wouldn't have believed you if you talked me until you were purple in the face.

Of the things that happened in my adolescence that seemed to make little sense; of the pain and hurt I experienced, of all those things that I couldn't grasp then, ten years later, they make so much sense. As Minister Sharon said last night to my youth group: God is grooming you for the things he has planned for your life.

Well, God must be grooming me for something spectacular... and we'll leave it at that. I do believe he's grooming me for something bigger than I can think of.

Think about the past ten years of your life. What do you see?

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