Tuesday, December 8, 2009

just so you'll know

Today, I feel the urge to issue a disclaimer.

Only because I know that there are individuals in my life who read this blog, whether or not they think I'm aware of this fact, and I'm sure that it can sometimes be awkward... well, it's probably awkward all the time.

As any woman can probably attest to, we women do keep secrets inside our hearts; little snippets of conversations that we never forget, things we've never said aloud because we couldn't find the place for them in our mundane endeavors.

A lot of times, I'm sure these special individuals who read find themselves subject to staring in a mirror via my blog: meaning, they end up finding themselves represented in my writing, without seeking to be represented in my writing.

I don't think I'll understand how this could make those special people feel. I've never been subject to being one's public & artistic muse (unless I was and was never aware of it), so I've never been on that side of the fence. I wonder what it feels like sometimes.

Regardless, the special people know who they are (or who he is), and for the aforementioned party, I ask you for understanding. My writing is akin to my breathing, practically--it's something that comes natural, and something that I can't really help but to do.

Understand that it's not my attempt to put you on display for the world to see when maybe you don't want that, but that you're a muse to me, and that cannot be helped. I think you should wear it as a compliment.

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