Friday, January 22, 2010

When you're old, Fridays off mean housework instead of paid work

: I love having a work schedule that is the same as the Orange County Public School schedule. Because of this, I have the day off today.

: I'm not a person capable of traditional sleeping in... the latest I can sleep without being annoyed when I get up is 10 a.m. I was up at 9.

: I'm a very particular person, if you haven't figured it out by some of my other rantings. Apparently, none of my roommates felt the need to take out the garbage, which smelled like literal shit when I got home the night before. I spent the beginning of my morning taking out the garbage with a scowl on my face.

: My bathroom had no toilet paper. It also didn't fit my standards of clean. (I share a bathroom with a roommate.) I needed to send my car payment. And I needed to go to the bank. Time to run errands.

: The bank and toilet paper run went smoothly, but it took me over twenty minutes in the post office to send one letter and get five additional stamps. Why did they remove the machine where you could just stick your change in and get one stamp? Did that make life too easy?

: Once I paid for my stamps, I realized that the stamps had a picture of two wedding bands, united by ribbon. Go figure. (didn't I just write about this yesterday?) Although I'd like to burn the stamps in effigy, I'll just use them as quickly as possible. Don't they make stamps for single, I-don't-think-I'm-getting-married-and-I'm-not-sure-if-I-want-to-anytime-soon people?

: While stopping to get gas, one of the store associates was handing out samples. What could be better than pumping gas while eating half a hot dog wrapped in delicious bread like pigs in a blanket? This added the five points back to my day that those stupid stamps took with their stupid wedding bands wrapped in stupid, pretty ribbon. (as if the assault on my senses granted by the Valentine's Day decor, which made its appearance right after Christmas, wasn't enough.)

: Now I'm under the dryer, giving my hair a deep conditioning. (hopefully it's deep.) When I was younger, Fridays off meant trips to the mall, or hanging around the house, watching tv, any assorted meaningless tasks. Now, it just means working without being able to get paid for it. Wouldn't it be nice if we could get paid for scrubbing a toilet or taking out the trash?

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