Monday, February 1, 2010


Writing to you in my work shirt, panties, and socks is quite liberating. I don't have a problem sharing this with you because you can't see me.

A couple entries ago, I spoke about tiring of writing about love so much. It's not that I will ever completely change that formula--I feel love is one of the great mysteries of life, and it's proven to be an elusive component to my life, so as long as I experience it and seek it, I will most likely write about it. But I've recognized in my writing the tendency to get lost in the words and the emotions... and not in a good way. When my emotions overtake me and I have a pen in my hand or my fingers on the keys... watch out.

As a writer, I feel it to be my duty to be able to write through the tough things; to illustrate the things people like to hide. But, I can tell the difference between those times when I am caught in what I consider the Holy Spirit (meaning that I have something sitting on my conscience and I'm moved to write and don't really consider too heavily the things that I'm writing, like right now), and those times when I'm simply caught up in my emotions--there is a difference. Usually, the latter of the two results in very revealing writing, but sometimes that writing is not so good. You know, it's like when your girlfriend calls you crying over something that happened to her that day, and when your girlfriend calls you a few days after something has happened, thus able to really articulate what she wants you to know.

Well, in these recent days of emotional poo (yes, I said emotional poo... think Eeyore on a really rainy day), I've gotten caught in my emotions... and went back to that tried and true formula... thus, the writing that resulted was lackluster, at best. I've removed it for my pleasure (and to your benefit). Because if I get so caught up in being pissed off about something not happening the way I want it to, then I will lose sight of the goodness that came from that something not happening the way I want it to.

In 2010, instead of making resolutions that would have been toast by yesterday's date (January 31st), I'm making a conscious effort to change those things I want to see changed. That means evaluating every step, every day, to make sure it fits the mold that I'm constructing.

Glad you're along for the ride :)

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