Monday, February 1, 2010

Thought blurbs

I love the way Sharri of The Brisk Convergence (coolest blog name EVER) writes in blurbs. Her blurbs, to me, are more accurately representative of the pattern of thought.

So, color me inspired: from time to time, you'll see blurbs of thought. Short blurbs to give you just a taste of an idea out of my head.

For instance: in another life, I either was, or will be a singer. I would sing my entire day away if I could (and if people could stand the sound of me).

I know exactly what type of singer I would be: facial expression making, smiling while holding a note, closing eyes on the audience, crying and pausing during song, low, low toned... like Lalah Hathaway.

If you ever walk up on me, and I look at you cross, it's probably because you caught me singing, and although I secretly wanted you to hear me, I didn't want you to hear me.

Just a thought.

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