Monday, April 19, 2010

April 19th randomness

: it's funny how having painted toes makes me love my feet and not care who sees them. (i am notorious for hiding my toes because i don't like them.)

: when i first started drinking, i noticed that the "inside" me was pretty bold. and i started liking that girl. i'm starting to see more traces of that girl with less and less alcohol. i likes this.

: for the first time that i can ever remember, i know for a fact that i don't want a romantic relationship with someone. i've finally reached a place where i understand the nature of love and feelings and that just because you're not in a relationship doesn't mean you won't have feelings, and vice versa. a romantic relationship is a lot of work, work that i don't want. i'd just rather have my lots of feelings and have my fun. (hard wink.)

: it's funny how people grow on you. who would have thought that he and i would be sitting, watching basketball, wrestling, joking, and drinking honey ginger tea? i'm not complaining at all.

: i can truly feel my God with me in a way that i never have before. and Lord knows i've been calling on Him heavy lately. but He is here :)

: i love online shopping. the excitement of anticipating the delivery of your goods.

: i love music. i don't know what i would do without music.

: i am happy. with myself, and with my life. i would not trade it, not even for a million dollars, a billion cupcakes, or a trillion diamonds.


Anonymous said...

Absolutely love all of your randomness!!! I totally feel you on the 2nd one,lol! And of course #7 :)

Miss Malorie said...

Thanks girl! And it's so funny, I think this way all the time... so technically it's not even random... but I guess it's random when I decide to write it down :)

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