Monday, April 19, 2010

The eager beaver does not please me... and no, that was not a sexual pun...

A quick thought:

I've written about the male radar before (you know, when you either break up with someone/get into a relationship etc. and men you haven't talked to in forever come out of the woodwork trying to see what's up with you) and it has been proven true again... maybe it was because that Friday I complained because I didn't feel any love in my text message inbox, but my texts haven't shut up since.

Okay, so I already know the radar works. Men have been coming out of the woodwork... and I'm not complaining. The attention is always welcome (when I want it, that is). But, I do have one complaint: why are men so damn eager these days?

Now I really understand some of the complaints men have about women who are too eager or who make themselves too available. I don't like when men I don't know and have no connection with text or call me as if they have nothing to do, no job to go to... you get the idea. I mean, maybe they are just being nice, and maybe I'm just being rude... but still. I don't know you. So shouldn't you not text me all day long?

And don't even get me started on this phenomenon of asking for pictures... I can't count the number of times I've had a dude say send me a pic... excuse you? Again, I don't know you. And clearly, you don't want a picture of my face, so I think this picture asking is not going to go over too well... I mean, with all the technology we have, people are starting to forget how people used to date... you know, you meet someone nice, you chat with them slightly, and then you go out on a date with them... so you can see their actual face and hear their actual voice, rather than depending on pictures and messages from your phone.

Ugh, the things these young men have taught me... their eagerness disturbs me. Sure, maybe I've made myself too available to some more like one person because I actually enjoy his company and anyone who really knows me knows how damn rare that is but apparently he thought i was too available and that's fine but I know for a fact I have not been eager the way these men have been.

And thanks to what they've shown me, I never will be. Ugh!


Anonymous said...

OKAY!!! Are you like my personality doppleganger? Couldn't agree w/ this post more!

Miss Malorie said...

They say everyone has a twin out there somewhere... lol!

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