Sunday, May 2, 2010


I think the saddest thing, is when the image that we have of something, is shown to be even less than that of our imaginings.

There are instances of this image-shattering that aren't necessarily negative. For instance, when you go back to your elementary school, which seemed so gigantic to you when you were five, but at twenty-two seems so minute in comparison to your memories. An event like this doesn't sadden you, but instead reminds you of the marvel of human nature and sense. It shows you that you have grown, in body and in mind.

But when you create images of people inside of yourself, and those images are shattered to reveal less than what you created... that is sad. Very sad.

In fact, sad is not the right word for it. That's not appropriate enough. The sensation is troubling; it is hardening, and it is, above all, a very unnerving reminder that as you grow, your heart and your vision grows with you. And that rose-colored lenses eventually lose their tint.

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